Contribution to the Community Award

This award will recognise the business who has demonstrated responsible business practices across the four areas of local community, environment, their people and supply chain.

Judges will look for evidence of a contribution to the overall well-being of the community, its environment and general quality of life. Applicants must demonstrate a working partnership using positive influences to support suppliers and other partners to adopt best environmental, workplace and community practice.

The project or initiative demonstrated by the applicant must have been completed or at least have reached a meaningful stage within the last 12 months.

Entry criteria

All submissions must be 1000 words or less

No additional attachments, insertions or images allowed. Please be sure to answer all the questions in full on the entry form

  • Why should your business win Contribution to the Community Awards?
  • Outline the development and growth of your business briefly detailing its products/services, its markets/customers and competitors.
  • What is your CSR initiative?
  • How do the local community benefit from your initiatives?
  • How does your corporate social responsibility benefit the environment?
  • How do your people benefit from this initiative?
  • How does this initiative effect your supply chain?
  • Demonstrate how the companies initiative/s have positive influences in supporting suppliers and other partners to adopt similar practices.
  • Outline how the business evaluates the suitability of the initiative/s and the strategy for introducing it within the business.
  • Any other matters of significance